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Septic Pumping Greenleaf/Notus

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Did You Know

If you detect unpleasant, sewage-type, odors coming from your drain(s), it is a sign of a partial blockage, which will only get worse. Before you call, try pouring baking soda into the sink drain, and let it rest. If that does not get rid of the smell, then the drains need cleaning.

Even if you're very careful about what you put down your drain, it will still inevitably clog at some point. Minuscule particles, soap residue, and oils are some of the substances that will eventually build up and cause clogs.

Frozen Pipes

When water freezes, pipes burst-- call us then we can thaw pipes and deal with any repairs to properly repair pipes in Greenleaf.

Tank Pumping

We can remove blockages, repair or replace broken pipes, fix leaking joints, remove roots in sewers, and replace sewer pipes.

Septic Cleaning

We pump out septic tanks regularly in Notus ID, plus drain cleaning, restaurant grease traps & blocked catch basins.