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Did You Know

If your septic system uses a grinder pump, septic pump, or sewage ejector pump, even tiny, seemingly innocuous items like dental floss and cotton swabs can cause the motor to burn out, damage the impeller, and other expensive damage.

Metal parts on septic tanks will be damaged by corrosion, and they will need to be replaced. When the baffles, covers, or cover hinges rust away, we can replace them. If the tank itself has rusted out, it will need to either be replaced, or sealed off and a new tank installed in a different location.

Water Leaks

Our Parma plumbers can root out the cause of leaks – whether sinks, pipes or sump pumps – and repair or replace them.

Septic Systems

We can remove blockages, repair or replace broken pipes, fix leaking joints, remove roots in sewers, and replace sewer pipes.

Septic Cleaning

We pump out septic tanks regularly in Wilder ID, plus drain cleaning, restaurant grease traps & blocked catch basins.