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Did You Know

In the 1600s, hollow log pipes were installed in Boston homes to channel sewage to the nearest stream. In 1647, Massachusetts adopted its first water pollution control regulation. In the mid-1700s, Boston installed a centralized sewage collector system.

A septic system is designed to accept liquid waste from your home and prevent biological contaminants from entering and damaging nearby lakes and streams. If you see waste water bubbling back up into your drains or in your yard, then this is a sure sign that your septic system is failing.

Frozen Pipes

When water freezes, pipes burst-- call us then we can thaw pipes and deal with any repairs to properly repair a frozen pipe.

Water Leaks

Our Star ID plumbers can root out the cause of leaks – whether sinks, pipes or sump pumps – and repair or replace them.

Camera Inspection

We quickly and accurately determine the problem with a pipe camera, mapping the septic tank and drain field.